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Tuesday 23 March EA report on progress.
The following information has been released by the Environment Agency relating to the progress being made on the flood defences.

The Environment Agency have now completed the Project Appraisal Report (PAR) which is a business case for the preferred flood alleviation option of flood storage to the East of the A417 at Barnwood.

The PAR will be presented to the regional Project Assessment Board in the next few weeks at their March meeting. The process of presenting to the board for approval is a vital component of ensuring the spending 'tax payers money' is responsible. We of course feel the business case is very strong and very much expect it to be approved, however there is a chance that we have to revise it and resubmit next month. The concerned raised regarding the funding being removed under government spending cuts can be laid to rest, funding for this project is allocated and will be made available to the project team upon approval.

We are continuing to take technical aspects of the study forward. We are refining the outline design drawings, progressing services removals, continuing landowner negotiations, preparing documents for a planning application, and undertaking many other tasks to ensure construction starts as soon as possible.

We will prepare a newsletter in the next couple of weeks to update residents, and we will hold a public drop-in session with the outline designs in the near future when we have drawings ready for the planning application.

The flood committee cannot be held responsible for the content of advertised sites.