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Monday 2 November EA report on progress.

The Environment Agency have released their latest news letter detailing the progress of work on the brook. This can be downloaded from their website http://www.environment-agency.gov.uk/static/documents/Leisure/Horsbere_October_09.pdf and reports details of the stages of work to implement the preferred flood prevention scheme, progress on these stages and rough time scales.

The EA have also installed a new water level recorder on the upstream side of the Clomoney Way bridge, this will assist them in monitoring the water height in the brook and may in time be linked to their alerting system.

The flood committee cannot be held responsible for the content of advertised sites.

Monday 25 May EA's response to claims of a delay.

There have been several claims in the local press of delays in the work to implement flood defences on the brook. The Flood Committee requested confirmation of these delays from the council and the Environment Agency as we had not been made aware of any problems or delays with the work.

The EA released a statement to the media but it appears this statement was selectively reproduced, the exact wording was as follows.

Since the successful bid for funding for a flood scheme for Horsbere Brook we have been progressing a challenging delivery programme as we would like to see the community benefit from a flood scheme as soon as possible. If landowner approval, the planning process, legislative requirement for Environmental Impact Assessment, and the risks of construction during the winter period allow we will begin on site in the Autumn. However, it is possible that these external processes take a little longer than programmed, in which case we would expect to begin on site in the Spring of 2010. We are currently writing the first newsletter, which should be out next week or the week after. We will be keeping people informed through newsletters and our website.

The EA are still working hard to start the scheme this Autumn, and this has not changed since the public meetings.

Sunday 22nd March Gloucester Flood Group Forum meeting.

Flood groups from across Gloucester will be holding a meeting on Thursday the 26th of March at the Longlevens Community Centre, Church Road between 7-9pm.

This is an initiative to bring the various flood groups and committees across the city together with residents that are affected by flooding. With guidance from the council, the aim is to build closer ties between residents to improve self help and to allow monitoring of the various brooks through the city in the form of Brook watch schemes.

If you are interested in learning more, helping with your local flood group or being part of a brook watch scheme then please come along.

Thursday 12th February Environment Agency secure 1.5 million funding for brook scheme.

The Environment Agency have announced securing 1.5 million of funding for a flood defences scheme on the brook from the National Flood Defence in Aid.

Specific details of the scheme are still being finalised but once this work is done the the plan will be published. It is the Flood Committees belief this scheme will involve balancing ponds being built up stream to help regulate the flow of water through the brook, rather than extensive work to modify the brook itself. No definative time scales has been stated for the work to be complete.

When more details are know they will be published here, this is fantastic news for Longlevens and will hopefully be the work that will protect all our houses from flooding in the future.

Monday 26th January Environment Agency working on brook upstream of Clomoney Way.

The Environment Agency have been working recently on the bank of the brook upstream of the Clomoney Way bridge up to Greyhound Gardens.

This work is part of the on going interim measures to protect the houses in Greyhound Gardens and Clomoney Way, and was implemented after the last near miss.

During the high water it became obvious to the EA that the bank on the Greyhound Gardens side of the brook was in danger of being overpowered by the brook as it negotiated a change in direction in the water course. If the water had broken the bank it would have flooded the houses in the end of Greyhound Gardens, parts of Clomoney Way as well as Cypress Gardens and Evergreen Walk.

The EA are continuing to monitor the brook closely to prove residents the best possible protection in the interim before the final flood protection scheme is implemented.